Litebox i2 Pro


It's the Choice for Digital Database Workflow Management.

Available in several configurations tailored to the needs of the specialist Photo Lab, all versions are fully colour managed and feature easy to use on-screen colour controls, and numerous shortcut keys.

LiteBox Pro, as with all configurations, is a highly efficient volume workflow solution. Promptly and fluently manage your professional lab workflow, improve your service and productivity and offer your clients a a wider range of tailored products.

Specially configured for Crime Lab, Law Enforcement Imaging Labs, Armed forces and Government Agencies whose clients have to move fast. LiteBox CS permits you to keep up with them and adapt to all needs and any circumstance. It features True Scale Technology - an easy to use tool for producing accurately scaled evidence images. An important feature of the system is that the original image is never altered in any way.

Tailored to the needs of the Schools Lab, LiteBox Schools lets you handle large volumes of portrait images and groups for printing as singles, packs and complex layouts. The advanced Layout Creation Tool is used to produce proof cards, multi-mode layouts, composites and most any other product the innovative lab demands. Twelve fields of dynamic text data together with any amount of fixed text can be incorporated into any layout. So you can run a proof-plan system, Job Entry, the barcode-based proofcard entry system is included.

Litebox Photographer Software - for seamless workflow integration
This unique program works in conjunction with an ultramobile barcode reader at the point of photography. It is used to link names and other data post-shoot.

It also finds applications in inventory control, evidence collection in fact anywhere digital photos need to be merged with data.

An established program which runs with a digital camera in tethered mode. Primarily for schools use, the program links name, class and other data at the point of shooting.

LiteBox Features:

  • Fully colour managed
  • The application runs under Windows Vista and XP
  • Fast easy colour corrections + Analyser screen for matching
  • Searching and sorting of images
  • Easy operator interface providing high productivity
  • Customisable print sizes
  • Handles a range of image files
  • Automatic rendering
  • Index prints and batch cards
  • MS SQL Database workflow
  • Scalable and upgradeable
  • Quickly search and sort images
  • Offer remote or internet ordering
  • Range of imported file type including JPEG, EXIFJPEG,
  • J2000, TIFF, RAW, and BMP
  • Index prints and batch cards
  • Complete online manuals with PDF files for printing
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • System expansion options
  • Image Intelligence Technology to provide powerful image
  • correction functions for EXIF JPEG