What is FUJIFILM SmartNet?

FUJIFILM SmartNet offers an effective platform that brings Visibility and Control to your entire business estate.  Access live data via the internet to view performance and information on all types of equipment ranging from hardware, peripherals and component temperatures, right down to individual stores and units.  FUJIFILM SmartNet enables you to get the maximum potential from your investments.


 Know where your equipment is and how it's performing.  Measure, monitor and contrast performance store by store.  Hourly sales, daily uptimes, under performing stores can all be identified at the click of a button, allowing you to track improvements and focus on priorities.



No more waiting for issues to be phoned in.  Now your equipment can raise its own alarms with automatic remote alerts by Email or SMS.  Specify the rules and the recipients to suit your requirements.  FUJIFILM SmartNet can reduce engineer visits and downtime by tracking faults as and when they occur, therefore enabling you to pinpoint and resolve issues prior to the event.



FUJIFILM SmartNet boosts profitability - getting more from your investment and people!