Custom Made Products

Fujinon develops, designs and produces custom-made optical components and opto-mechatronic assemblies for data and video projectors, automotive applications, digital cameras, board cameras, telecommunication systems, scanners, copiers and laser printers.

Very Small Strain Plastic Lens:

Very small strain plastic lens elements have been developed as a special plastic aspherical lens for a wide range of applications like digital projection, endoscopy and other special cases. Compared with normal plastic lenses, the internal strain is very small thanks to FUJIFILM’s special processing method which realises high performance equivalent to that of a glass lens.

Colour Complex Prisms and Panel Joint Assembly:

FUJIFILM has succeeded in realising fine colour reproducibility of colour complex prisms, the main part of some types of digital projector, based on long lasting experience in colour separation prisms for commercial TV cameras. This technology can be applied to all digital projection technologies like for LCD, DLP and LCOS.

Also, FUJIFILM’s unique technology for attaching the panel to the prism has been highly evaluated because it eliminates colour drift and has high shock resistance.

Plastic Integrator:

The projector has quickly become highly intensified, making an integrator imperative. FUJIFILM has developed a plastic integrator that is more heat resistant than conventional glass type. Consequently, FIJIFILM can offer an integrator as a new, lightweight, low-priced lighting system that can be easily made accurate.

Projector Lens:

FUJIFILM projection lenses support the advancement of higher intensity and more precise projectors by utilising the FUJIFILM design development power and manufacturing technology development for broadcast TV lenses over the years. FUJIFILM will endeavour to lower costs in the future and try to provide high cost-performance lenses. The FUJIFILM projection lenses are used for picco-projectors, business and home cinema projectors, for event, stage and digital cinema projectors.

Optical Unit for Projector:

In addition to the components for digital projectors, FUJIFILM is developing, designing and manufacturing complete systems called light engines. FUJIFILM has also improved quality to achieve even higher intensification and higher precision and will continue to seek ways of making them even more lightweight and further reducing costs.

Optical Elements Assemblies For Optical Disc Pickup

An optical disc has a lens which serves an “eye” for reproducing data on the disc faithfully. Here again, FUJIFILM technology has been made full use of: FUJIFILM is designing pickup optical systems that faithfully reads bits formed in submicron order on the disc and is producing various optical elements (glass object lenses, plastic object lenses, collimator lenses, diffraction gratings, hologram elements, various mirrors, etc.).

CD and DVD Object Lenses:

FUJIFILM optical disc pickup object lenses for audio CDs and DVD’s or computer CD-ROMs, CDR’s and DVD’s have been highly evaluated by customers in terms of both quality and price.

Glass-moulded Lenses:

Optimum materials satisfying the specifications of each pickup are selected out of more than 20 glass-moulding nitric materials suitable for glass-moulded lenses to design and manufacture these lenses.

Diffraction Gratings and Hologram Elements:

FUJIFILM can supply plastic type diffraction gratings suitable for mass production at low cost as well the glass type. We also manufacture hologram elements for special applications.


FUJIFILM plate type and prism type mirrors and half mirrors meet various customer needs as optical parts for all optical discs.

Optical System for Scanner:

FUJIFILM produces various types of lenses and units for fine contracting optical systems to form images on line CCD’s. Whatever customer need for both personal and office use are designed, developed and manufactured.

Various f-Theta Lenses and Optical Elements:

FUJIFILM produces various optical parts for laser beam printers at our own plant. F-Theta lenses are made of plastic for low cost and glass for various digital copying machines.

In addition, FUJIFILM’s latest advanced manufacturing technique has enabled Fujinon to commercialise plastic polygon mirrors, glass-moulded collimators, etc.

Optical System for Laser Beam Printer:

The FUJIFILM optical system for a laser beam printer has been widely adopted for laser beam printers, digital copying machines, etc. The system meets customer needs in various fields including optical system layout design, optical elements and cylindrical lenses as well as optical units.

Lenses For Automotive Applications

Based on the high advanced technologies and the experiences in other product fields, FUJIFILM is designing and manufacturing lenses for camera based driver assistance systems for automotive applications

FUJIFILM is market leader for lenses in automotive applications and FUJIFILM lenses are used for Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, High Beam Control, Pedestrian and Object Recognition, Parking Assist, Surround View and Driver/Passenger Surveillance systems in high end, medium size and compact cars.

FUJIFILM is not offering only lenses but also camera modules containing lens and aligned sensor. FUJIFILM units are produced under clean room conditions and fulfil all automotive requirements. The design and production sections are TS16949 certified.

Lenses For DSC Cameras

Beside the own DSC cameras of the Finepix series, FUJIFILM design and produces also lens units for OEM like fixed focus lenses, zoom lenses macro and fish eye lenses according to the customers specification.

Fujinon lenses are used in multimedia equipment like PC cameras and in monitoring devicessuch as on-vehicle cameras.

These lenses are available for various types of CCD’s in sizes of 1/3”, 1/4” and 1/5”. Fujinon can supply a variety of lenses, including low-priced plastic lenses, wide-angle high performance lenses and lenses that meet various specifications.