Green Procurement

In line with the Fujifilm Group Charter for Good Corporate Behavior, we support fair trade and free enterprise. In our procurement activities we aim to be open and fair, use rational selection standards, observe the law, conserve natural resources and protect the environment. These principles help us contribute to society and act as a responsible member of the international community.

Background for Initiatives

Our green procurement and purchasing initiative now includes the management of chemical content throughout the supply chain.

We have expanded our green procurement survey to cover management of chemical content that has an impact on the environment.

Standards for green procurement

Our Design for Environment program requires consideration of environmental impact in procurement. We have set green standards for our suppliers and the products we procure. We encourage continuous improvement in application of these standards in supplier organizations and products.

Under our green procurement standards, we expect suppliers to meet nine of the 12 requirements for ISO 14001 certification.

We recommend that suppliers obtain ISO 14001 certification. If this is difficult, we recommend using EcoStage*, EcoAction 21** or KES***.

  1. * EcoStage: An environment evaluation and support system to assist small and medium-sized companies in creating and operating environmental management systems. This provides transparency without the complexity of ISO certification. It uses a five-stage approach based on ISO 14001 that makes it easy for small and medium-sized companies to introduce and step up their environmental efforts.
  2. ** EcoAction 21: An environmental system for setting objectives, taking action, summarizing and evaluating results, and preparing reports. It provides a certification and registration framework based on the EcoAction Guidelines established by the Ministry of the Environment. It is easy for small and medium-sized companies to use.
  3. *** KES: The Kyoto Environmental Management System, recommended by the Miyako Agenda 21 Forum.