Everything you need to take photos and make prints

Everything you need to take photos and make prints

Cameras, film, photofinishing services … Fujifilm delivers them all, around the world.


Japan's first motion picture film

It all started in 1934 with the mission to make Japan's first motion picture film. Since then, our products have evolved with the history of photography. Color films, single-use cameras, instant photo cameras, digital cameras — we make them all. And we offer everything required for beautiful prints, from high-quality inkjet paper to photofinishing equipment.


Motion picture film


Single-use camera, Fujifilm QuickSnap

FinePix digital cameras let you do more, more easily

FinePix digital cameras are easy to use and packed with sophisticated technology. When you shoot a picture you want the faces to be clear and focused. That's why we developed the advanced face detection technology featured in FinePix digital cameras. It's just one of the many FinePix features that help you take beautiful photos under a wide range of conditions.


A FinePix digital camera


Detects faces and optimizes focus and brightness

Shoot digitally, print professionally

For top picture quality and long lasting color prints, many people seek professional-grade photofinishing. To meet this need, our digital minilab photo kiosks, installed at retail locations, offer self-service photo printing from digital photo storage media.

Main Products and Services

Color Films and Others

  • Color negative films
  • QuickSnap single-use cameras
  • Color reversal films

Electronic Imaging

  • FinePix digital cameras
  • Digital camera accessories

Color Paper and Chemicals

  • Photographic paper for color prints
    Photofinishing chemicals

Photofinishing Equipment

  • Film processors and Printing equipment
  • Frontier digital minilabs
  • Thermal photo printers

Labs and FDi Services

  • Film processing services
  • Photo printing services
  • Thermal photo printers